We would like to give a simple introduction about our activity in domain of supplying the hotels and restaurants, which we import from the largest specialized international companies in this field, and which their designs have granted the awards from international fairs such as Geneva artificer’s international fair. these equipment and devices of the complete kitchens are compacted in one unit to separated devices and which are available in various and several models where form size and energy used to operate them to get the required purpose precisely all these devices and equipment are distinct with the gathering characteristic among the most modern what have reached by the technology in this domain with the design beauty, the performance strength and perfection. In addition to their structure, that is made of Stall ness steel, known internationally with AISI 304 steel. As also, they are distinct with the safety and easily to operate and their rounded edges which do not allow the dirt’s to be accumulated making them easy to be cleaned up. All these advantages with addition to other several advantages made these equipment in position to be esteemed and highly appreciated by the experts in domain of the hotels and kitchens equipment.